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Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 59

This week in The Milk Bar we hear from Phil Butler on his return from Australia having spent 3 weeks entertaining audiences in the southern hemisphere, South Staffs Council on their SUSSED scheme keeping your kids occupied during the summer break and Alex Ohm from The Lines updates us on there recent activity.

We have live music supplied by The Rimes, a very talented four piece from Willenhall and Zoe mostly manages to work within the generally accepted structure of the English language (MOSTLY....)

Once again, the audio feast that is The Milk Bar is laid out before you for your listening pleasure....


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 58

This week in The Milk Bar we talk to the wonderful Scott Matthews about his forthcoming appearance at The FireFly Festival, Jefny Ashcroft tells us about a project on display at Wolverhampton Art Gallery that has won a national award, and Kate Fletcher from The Beacon Centre for the Blind tells us about their fundraising 'Blind Drive' at RAF Cosford next month.

Music is supplied by Blak Can as Ryan and Ash play live in the Milk Bar and Zoe does her best (and fails) to get Ash to remove his outer garments...

Download and listen or if you fancy seeing how the show looked as it was recorded (unedited!!!) then check out our channel.


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 57

This week in The Milk Bar our guests are the man with no web site, Doug Parker (we do give out his phone number though if you want to book a comedian...), the lovely Hazel O'Connor who tells us about some of her 30 years in the public eye (and has a website but someone else looks after it for her), Tonia Campbell joins us from the Kuumba Arts Movement to tell us about their show at the Grand Theatre on the 19th July (I'm sure they do have a web site but we were so busy trying to sell tickets to the event we forgot to ask... ) and music is supplied by A N A (who not only have a website but it is their fan club too!) - Dennis, the man behind the music joins us on the phone for a chat.

A very full show this week with 5 songs from the band and if that's not enough you can also find Jason on this weeks Fist Full of Podcasts as the guest of Dave, Scott and Andy.


Jason and Nina in The Milk Bar - Episode 56

This week Zoe is Away on holiday (yipee!) so Nina Blakemore joins us once more (Double Yipee!).

Our Milk Bar guests this week are:-

Matt Lewis from Wolves Mobile who amazes Nina with his Deal of  the Week

Storyteller Peter Chand who tells us about the Festival at the Edge

Beryl Wilkes with tales of Coseley and the calendar dedicated to the area

and Emily Smith from Cancer Research UK to let us know all about the Race For Life at Weston Park this month

Music this week is supplied by Alex Vann as he reminises about 25 years of song writing.

As Zoes in Devon this must mean it's summer in The MIlk Bar!

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