The Milk Bar


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 63

This week in The Milk Bar we launch a competition to win a Phillip's Vibe MP3/MP4 player in association with Phil Butler and his podcast The Green Room.....

Also we have Lesley Smith from Tutbury casle on the line to tell us about a very spooky night they have planned in October, James Carpenter from Beacon Radio joins us for a chat and Robert Bowers tells us what he is up to at the moment.

Music is supplied by the wonderful One SIxth of Tommy.


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 62

This week in The Milk Bar Jaki Graham pops in to talk about her remastered album released this week and the range of chocolates that launch along side a double CD set in October, Jamie Angus from South Staffs Council tells us about Voting reform and Rambling, and we hear about a local talking newspaper and how you could be a budding Moira Stewart and help getting the news to visually impaired people around Stone.

Live music in The Milk Bar this week as half of The Monnobloggers join us to share some of their new stuff and to try and stop Zoe terrorising young bands (they did actually get their kit off when the prying microphones were off.....)

Thanks again for joining us for this weeks episode of The Milk Bar.


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 61

This week in The Milk Bar we hear from Pastor Dan from the Bilston Pentecostal Church about their youth work and summer activities, Ann From Crafty Corner tells us about their charity calendar for 2011 and independent film maker Keith Cartwright tells us how he could help you become a YouTube sensation!

We hear five songs from this weeks featured musician as Joe Karchud joins us to play live and taunt Zoe with his tight fitting jeans!

Another full and rather long episode of The Milk Bar!


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 60

This week in The Milk Bar Jake Henry joins us in real life to play four of his songs on Guitar and Keyboard.

We also have guests galore with Miss Black Country, Andrea Sturmey, joins us on the phone to let us know how things are going in her bid to be Miss England, one of Wolverhampton's 'Wilfs' tells us what it is like being a park ranger in the city, and Graham Hughes enlightens us on the Featherstone Festival which takes place later this month.

Also we chat with Joby Carter from Carter's Steam Fair about their attractions and spending a month in Weston Super Mare!

We hope you enjoy what in our opinion is another delightful episode of The Milk Bar.

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