The Milk Bar


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 154

Recorded at Molineux Monday 28th May 2012

This week former Beacon Radio 303 DJ Munro Jack pops in for a reminisce about the 1970's, we hear from Mick Farren of The Deviants ahead of their June gig at The Robin 2, Joe Hancock is in the studio with news of a brand new production from his Theatre Company 'Last Fancies' and we have music from The Grade with drummer Ell Blower telling us about their new EP.


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 153

Recorded at Molineux for release Monday 21st May 2012

This week comedian Rich Wall joins us for a chat, Adam Bradford updates us on a new venture he is working on with Mahamad Awale and Louise Stokes lets us know about her current projects. Music comes from Blue Angel with Jason Newton on the phone.


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 152

Recorded at Molineux - Monday 14th May 2012

This week we talk to Norman Lovett (Holly from Red Dwarf) about his current tour 'It's all about Tea' where he performs alongside Squeeze's Chris Difford and we find out about two charity events - one a charity football match in aid of Birmingham's Children's hospital the other the Tattooing of the 'Balls to Cancer' logo onto the Bum of one of their supporters Martyn Richards! Music is supplied by Neil Coyne when he introduces us to some of his studio and acoustic work.


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 151

Released Monday 7th May 2012 - Recorded at Molineux, Wolverhampton

This week we talk to JT about this Thursdays showcase from Wolverhampton University Students, Grace Lee from The Haven Women's Refuge tells us about some of their fund raising events, we hear from Richard Green of Goldthorn Theatre and Wolverhampton Rotary club about a music and words event next month and Dawn O'Brien for Penn's Slimming World group lets us know about their meetings. Music comes from Arbour Lights and James Clarke is on the phone to tell us about the band, their music and an EP without words...


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 150

Recorded at Molineux, Monday 30th April 2012

This week we chat with Dirk Maggs about the forthcoming 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Show Live' and a competition that could see (and hear) your Vogon poetry featured during the tour, Moya Lloyd from Wolverhampton Adult Education Service tells us about an artist show case in our city and Tom Waldron of Cuttlestones Auctioneers lets us know about a memorabilia sale and how you can get your items valued! Music comes from Ben Calvert and the Swifts with Ben joining us for a chat ahead of the release of his single Valpolicella Girl.

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