The Milk Bar


The Milk Bar End of Year Quiz 2013 - Episode 236

Recorded at Molineux Monday 30th December 2013

With Team Captains Kelly Jeffs (The Lighthouse)  and Tye Matthew Harris (in every stage production everywhere) alongside Beacon Radio's Munro Jack, Kate Evans from The Grand Theatre, Producer Jan Brookfield as well as Wolverhampton Wanderer's Julian Britton, it is Quiz Time.

Join the teams as they battle to take the crown of Quiz Champions for 2013 - Zoe Turner keeps score as Jason Forrest ask the questions with Musical interludes from Rob Lane.

With thanks to One Way Music of Salop St Wolverhampton for their support of the Music round!

Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 235

Recorded at Molineux on Monday 23rd December 2013

This week we talk Christmas with the Minister from St Peters Collegiate the Reverend David Wright, Denise Holmes from Cineworld tells us about what movies they are screening over the festive period and we hear about a charity event helping Kids come to terms with Diabetes in association with New Cross Hospital. Jessica Clemmons is on the phone and lets us listen to 3 of the 5 songs on her EP that is out next year and Sam Draisey shares his Christmas song from his charity album. 

Happy Christmas!

Jason and Phil In the Milk Bar - Episode 234

Recorded at Molineux - Monday 16th December 2013

This week Phil Butler joins us as Co-Host as Zoe has a cold. Phil is appearing in Aladdin at The Oakengates Theatre - 'The Place' - Ian Billings the Director/Writer/Emperor (his role, not his preferred term of address....)  also joins us in the studio as does Katt Whyton from The Old Tattoo Emporium (she is also a winner on Channel 4's Come Dine with Me) and Stuart Toop, who tells us almost nothing as part of a teaser campaign for a charity event organised by the nice people who arranged 'Cycling for Harry'. Music is supplied by The Young'uns with Dave Eagle joining us on the phone for a chat.

This episode is mostly unedited, presented as recorded to preserve the live feel of Panto..... 

Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 233

Recorded at Molineux Monday 9th December 2013

After having a fantastic time seeing the panto Aladdin at Garden King Bradley we are back with this weeks show! Hadyn Blower joins us in the studio to talk about his dancing, Alex Day is on the phone to tell us about his music projects and (unexpectedly) the London underground. We hear from Author Emma Westwood about romance, bodices and some vampires, Julian Porter of Wolf Mountain lets us know about some recent success stories and we chat with Tami Murray one of the 'Sellers' from the 'Shop in the Square'. As well as music from Alex there is a tune from Joseph Whelan as we catch up ahead of his gig at The Slade Rooms on the 20th of December.
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