The Milk Bar


Episode 549 - The End of Year Quiz 2019

January 1, 2020

It's time for two teams to go Head to Head and find out who can be the most creative, musical and has the best general and local news knowledge for 2019.

The Green Team are:-

Cllr Claire Darke - Mayor of Wolverhampton

Dr Paul Darke - Mayor's Consort

Kelly Jeffs - CEO of The Lighthouse

Kimberley Forlini-Softley - University of Wolverhampton Alumni Office


The Red Team are:-

Jan Denning - Destination Wolverhampton and the Black Country

Skye Stewart - Black Country Fusion

Grace Lee - Compton Care

Dave Pitt - Playwright, Poet and Comedian


Score Keeper Donchez Dacres keeps track of who takes the lead, we have music from Gabriella la Foley and Andy Walters is our sound Engineer.


The Quiz was devised by Jason Forrest with some of the questions stolen off the internet for accuracy.

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