The Milk Bar


Jason and Nina in The Milk Bar - Episode 64

September 1, 2010

Nina Blakemore is co-host for episode 64 of The Milk Bar and Jason manages to overload his microphone at every opportunity!!!

This week we talk Radio and TV presenter Gordon Astley about his career to date and how a call from a programme controller somewhere wouldn't go a miss! We hear from Alex Lester, BBC Radio 2's 'Dark Lord' who looks after 'The Best Time of The Day' from 2 until 5am weekdays. We also talk Diabetes and how the Premier League hope to help you avoid it with Katrina Maguire from Wolverhampton Wanderers Community Trust.

Music is supplied by Inju5tice and we have a chat with band member Luke about how they formed and when you can get hold of their debut single.

All this plus the chance to win a Philips Vibe 4Gb Music and Video player just for answering 2 simple questions (about last weeks podcast -  that can be found on epsiode 52 of The Green Room and one about Phil's Lee Mack episode of The Green room - reprised on the start of this show). E-mail your answers to or

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