The Milk Bar


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 15

September 24, 2009

This week chaos ensues once more in The Milk Bar as Stool Pigeon arrive (in the form of Bob Gessey and John Charnock) to sing us four rather Saucy Songs from 'Post Cards from The Edge' their current album and tour. Brian 'Boz' Aston who has been World Kickboxing Champion drops in to show Zoe a few moves (and she nearly falls over....) Zoe's Mystery Guest is unable to join us (it will remain a mystery as to why...) so Nikki Aldred of Kool Kids clothing joins us on the phone as well as one of Bob Gessey's mates who it turns out released a song about Darleks.... Please don't listen if you are easily offended as this weeks episode of The Milk Bar is rather rude in places!!!

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