The Milk Bar


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 66

September 14, 2010  Watch the videos that tie in with this weeks episode!

This week in The Milk Bar (and out on the road too!) we talk to Richard Green from Goldthorn Theatre about their latest production (an mention his Rotary work too), David Allen tells us about Dementia's performance on the 18th Sept in the menswear dept. at Beaties in Wolverhampton and we chat with Martin Smith from Studio 61 about their adaption of Richard III. The it's off the the gym, well actually the Kyushinkai Martial Arts Centre in Madely, Telford where we meet up with Professional cage fighter Jon Williamson and he puts Zoe thorough her paces and shows her how to take on some of the toughest sportsmen on the planet.

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