The Milk Bar


Jason Forrest in The Milk Bar - Episode 332

November 3, 2015

Recorded at Molineux Monday 2nd November 2015

This week we hear from Neil Taylor after running the New York Marathon at the weekend, Chris Congreave sets up a magic trick with the reveal next week, Chris Spittle from Tipton Arts tells us about their Panto Cinderella, Jeremy Williams Chalmers talks to Charlie Hole all about his new E.P., Paul Quigley lets us know about the November Local History talks, Jonathan Goodwin of 'Don't Go into The Cellar' lets us know about their forthcoming shows in the area  and Andy Reeves of ARDB red Ballon lets us know about their next events. Music comes from Jerry Coloured Funk with Matt from the band on the line fro a chat.
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