The Milk Bar


Jason Forrest in The Milk Bar - Episode 336

December 1, 2015

Recorded at Molineux Monday 30th November 2015

This week Jody Craddock talks to us about his latest art exhibition and new direction in his work, Vix of Vix & her MissCheifs joins us on the phone for a chat about her forthcoming gigs, Cecily Redman brings in Liam and George to sing a song from her production of  'Title of Show', Tom Clay lets us hear his single Sanctuary, Chuck Micallef tells us about the last show of the second season of the Health and Happiness show with a track from Gary Hall one of the performers, Paul Gooderham of Gailey Pottery lets us know about his open weekend and we talk to actor Gary Wales about his career so far.
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