The Milk Bar


Jason Forrest in The Milk Bar - Episode 376

September 6, 2016
Recorded at Molineux Monday 5th September 2016

This week on The Milk Bar we chat with Ken McCluskey who played Derek 'The Meatman' Scully in the film The Commitments and is part of The Stars From The Commitments at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre on the 23rd of October, we find out about the Dodo Pad and their Acad Pad for students from Rebecca Jay the MD at Dodo Towers, YETGA turn up with a full on Zombie Apocalypse ahead of their 'Feast of the Flesh' at the Book Mark in Bloxwich later this month,Iam Billings and Phil Butler are in different Pantos this year and join us to tell us about them and we meet Andre Young to chat about his gym wear company - Frontline apparel.  Music comes from The Meow Meows with Hannah and Alex from the band. 
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