The Milk Bar


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 15

This week chaos ensues once more in The Milk Bar as Stool Pigeon arrive (in the form of Bob Gessey and John Charnock) to sing us four rather Saucy Songs from 'Post Cards from The Edge' their current album and tour. Brian 'Boz' Aston who has been World Kickboxing Champion drops in to show Zoe a few moves (and she nearly falls over....) Zoe's Mystery Guest is unable to join us (it will remain a mystery as to why...) so Nikki Aldred of Kool Kids clothing joins us on the phone as well as one of Bob Gessey's mates who it turns out released a song about Darleks.... Please don't listen if you are easily offended as this weeks episode of The Milk Bar is rather rude in places!!!


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 14

This weeks sees, well hears, us talk to Simon Quinn from Fired Up Theatre about them, their work and their Youth Performers. Also Rotarian Richard Green joins us to talk about  the forthcoming Group Study Exchange which begins this weekend as well as letting us know about the Goldthorn Theatre Company’s latest production. The Nolans are celebrating the 30th anniversary of being in the mood for dancing with a new album, U.K. tour and a chat with Jason on the Terrace of the milk bar and this episode's musical offering comes from Red Already as Chris Leech dials in to inform us about the band and their EP launch.

So once again it's well worth popping into The Milk Bar - Thanks for dropping by!


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 13

This week Zoe's mystery Guest actually answers the phone - first time - and it's the one and only, very talented (and truly nice guy)  Robbie Glover. Jake Flowers pops in to play us a few tunes and talk about The Hop - a forthcoming festival in south Shropshire and we are joined on the line by Dougie Bancroft  from the Royal Air Force Association  - he tells us all about a World Record Attempt taking place at Wolverhampton Racecourse (make sure you bring your air guitar....) Sit back and chill to the indescribable sound of The Milk Bar....


Jason and Zoe in The Milk Bar - Episode 12

This week we again fail to talk to Jimmy Franks, Zoe comes over all potty mouthed and on a more positive note we talk to Award Winning Children's Author, Artist and Musician Johnathon Coudrille about his work, life and Farmer Fisher. Also on the phone is David Bathurst from Chasewater Railway and live in the Milk Bar (with his Girlfriend's Guitar) is Glenn Rossington who provides ths episodes musical distraction..... Once again an action packed trip to the Milk Bar....

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